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100 220 Bar Full Hydraulic Rock Drilling Equipment With Air Consumption RDX5

China Xi'an Huizhong Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. certification
China Xi'an Huizhong Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. certification
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100 220 Bar Full Hydraulic Rock Drilling Equipment With Air Consumption RDX5

100 220 Bar Full Hydraulic Rock Drilling Equipment With Air Consumption RDX5

Rotation Motor Type: OMT200 / 250 Weight: 38 Kg
Power Rating: 12 KW Impact Rate: 2400 Bpm
Drill Steels: T51, ST58, GT60, ST68 Kinetic Power: 20 KW
Warranty: 1 Year Vibration Level: 3.5 M/s²
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full hydraulic rock drilling equipment


220 Bar Hydraulic Rock Drilling Machine


Full Hydraulic Rock Drilling Equipment

Product Description:

Rock Drills - Product Overview

Rock Drills is a powerful and reliable full hydraulic rock drilling equipment, designed for high efficiency and versatility. With its advanced technology and superior performance, it is the ultimate solution for all your full hydraulic rock drilling needs.

Rotation Motor Type

The Rock Drills is equipped with an OMT200/250 rotation motor, ensuring smooth and efficient rotation for all your drilling operations. With a rotation pressure of 100-220 Bar, it delivers exceptional performance even in the toughest of drilling conditions.


The Rock Drills model COP 1238 ME is a crawler-mounted drill, which means it can easily move and operate on rough terrain. This makes it the perfect choice for drilling in remote and challenging locations.

Drill Steels

The Rock Drills is compatible with a variety of drill steels, including T51, ST58, GT60, and ST68. This allows you to choose the most suitable option for your specific drilling needs, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity.

Impact Rate

The impact rate of Rock Drills is an impressive 2400 Bpm, making it capable of drilling through even the toughest rocks with ease. This high impact rate ensures faster and more efficient drilling, saving you time and effort.

Key Features
  • Full hydraulic rock drilling - no need for air compressors or other external power sources
  • Powerful and reliable - can handle the toughest drilling conditions with ease
  • High efficiency - saves time and effort with its fast drilling capabilities
  • Versatile - compatible with various drill steels, suitable for different drilling needs

Experience the power and efficiency of Rock Drills for yourself. Contact us now for more information and to request a quote.



Rock Drills: The Ultimate Solution for Efficient Drilling

Rock drilling is a crucial process in various industries such as mining, quarrying, and construction. It involves creating holes in the ground or rock formations to extract minerals or construct structures. To achieve this, traditional methods of manual drilling have been replaced with advanced and powerful equipment such as the Rock Drills.

What is Rock Drills?

Rock Drills is a full hydraulic rock drilling machine equipped with cutting-edge technology to provide efficient and precise drilling. It is designed to withstand tough working conditions and deliver exceptional performance, making it the go-to choice for blast hole drilling, quarrying, and mining operations.

Product Attributes
  • Kinetic Power: The Rock Drills boasts a powerful 20 KW kinetic power, making it capable of drilling through even the toughest rock formations.
  • Vibration Level: With a vibration level of only 3.5 M/s², the Rock Drills ensures minimal vibrations during operation, providing a smooth and comfortable drilling experience for the operator.
  • Fuel Consumption: The Rock Drills is designed to be fuel-efficient, consuming only 0.6 L/h, making it a cost-effective choice for long drilling operations.
  • Drill Steels: The Rock Drills is compatible with a variety of drill steels, including T51, ST58, GT60, and ST68, providing versatility for different drilling needs.
  • Air Pressure: The Rock Drills requires an air pressure of 7 Bar to operate, which is easily attainable with most standard air compressors.
Application and Usage

The Rock Drills is a versatile and powerful machine that can be used in various applications and industries. Its primary usage is in blast hole drilling, which involves creating holes for blasting and extracting minerals in mining and quarrying operations. The Rock Drills is also a preferred choice for construction projects that require precise and efficient drilling, such as building foundations and tunneling.

Scene Scenario

Imagine a mining site where the ground is filled with dense rock formations. The traditional manual drilling method is slow and labor-intensive, causing delays in production and increasing costs. But with the Rock Drills, the process becomes quick and effortless. The operator sits comfortably in the air-conditioned cabin, controlling the machine's movements with precision. The powerful hydraulic system and drill steels effortlessly cut through the rock, while the low vibration level ensures a smooth operation. The fuel-efficient engine minimizes costs, and the air pressure required is easily supplied by the on-site air compressors. The Rock Drills makes the drilling process fast, efficient, and cost-effective, allowing the mining company to reach its production targets in no time.

In conclusion, the Rock Drills is the ultimate solution for efficient drilling in various industries. With its superior attributes and versatile application, it has become an essential equipment for any blast hole drilling, quarrying, or construction project. Get your Rock Drills today and experience the power, efficiency, and precision it offers.



Customized Services for Rock Drills

Our company specializes in providing top-of-the-line customized services for our portable rock breaker, full hydraulic rock drilling, and tunneling jumbo drill products. Our team is dedicated to meeting the specific needs and requirements of our clients, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity.

Rotation Motor Type

We offer a variety of rotation motor types for our rock drills, including the OMT200 and OMT250. These motors provide powerful and reliable rotation for all drilling operations.


We stand behind the quality of our products and offer a 1-year warranty for our rock drills. This ensures that our clients can trust in the durability and longevity of our equipment.


Our rock drills are designed to operate at a rotation range of 100-220 bar, providing the necessary force for efficient drilling in a variety of environments.


We use a sleeve type stabilizer for our rock drills, which helps to stabilize the equipment during drilling and ensures precise and accurate results.

Impact Rate

Our rock drills have an impressive impact rate of 2400 bpm, allowing for quick and effective drilling in even the toughest materials.

Trust us to provide customized services that meet your unique needs for portable rock breaker, full hydraulic rock drilling, and tunneling jumbo drill products. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help improve your drilling operations.


Packing and Shipping:

Rock Drills Packaging and Shipping

Rock Drills are carefully packaged to ensure safe delivery to our customers. Each unit is securely wrapped and protected with high-quality materials.

For domestic orders, we use sturdy cardboard boxes with foam inserts to prevent any damage during transit. The product is also sealed with strong tape to ensure that it stays in place.

For international orders, we take extra precautions to ensure the safety of the product during long-distance shipping. The Rock Drills are packed in wooden crates that provide maximum protection against any potential damage.

Our shipping department works closely with trusted carriers to deliver the product to our customers in a timely and efficient manner. We also offer tracking information so that customers can monitor the status of their order.

At Rock Drills, we take great care in packaging and shipping our product to ensure that it arrives in perfect condition.



  • Q:What is the function of rock drills?
    A:Rock drills are designed to bore holes in the ground or rock formations for various purposes such as mining, construction, and exploration.
  • Q:What types of rock drills are available?
    A:There are many types of rock drills available, including pneumatic rock drills, hydraulic rock drills, and electric rock drills.
  • Q:What is the maximum drilling depth of rock drills?
    A:The maximum drilling depth of rock drills varies depending on the type and model, but it can range from a few meters to several hundred meters.
  • Q:What is the difference between pneumatic and hydraulic rock drills?
    A:Pneumatic rock drills use compressed air to power the drilling mechanism, while hydraulic rock drills use hydraulic fluid. Pneumatic drills are generally more lightweight and portable, while hydraulic drills are more powerful and suitable for heavy-duty drilling.
  • Q:Can rock drills be used for underwater drilling?
    A:Yes, there are specialized underwater rock drills that can be used for drilling in water, such as for marine construction or oil and gas exploration.

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