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Drilling Tool Flexible Sleeve Coupling Semi Bridge / Full Bridge Type

Good quality Button Drill Bits for sales
Good quality Button Drill Bits for sales
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Drilling Tool Flexible Sleeve Coupling Semi Bridge / Full Bridge Type

China Drilling Tool Flexible Sleeve Coupling Semi Bridge / Full Bridge Type supplier
Drilling Tool Flexible Sleeve Coupling Semi Bridge / Full Bridge Type supplier Drilling Tool Flexible Sleeve Coupling Semi Bridge / Full Bridge Type supplier Drilling Tool Flexible Sleeve Coupling Semi Bridge / Full Bridge Type supplier

Large Image :  Drilling Tool Flexible Sleeve Coupling Semi Bridge / Full Bridge Type

Product Details:

Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: ProDrill
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: R25/R32/T38/T45/T51

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 5
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: wooden box
Delivery Time: 10-15days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 5000pcs/month
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Detailed Product Description
Thread: R25/R32/T38/T45/T51 Type: Semi-bridge/Full-bridge
Payment: T/T Western Union Package: Wooden Box
Length: 140-250mm O.D: 33-76MM

Coupling Sleeve full-bridge R25/R32/T38/T45/T51;Semi-bridge/Full-bridge


The coupling sleeve is an indispensable accessory in the drilling tool. The coupling sleeve is in the joint part of the supporting drill during the drilling process, and is subjected to the corrosive action of axial tensile, bending and torsion, contact, friction and the like. Therefore, it is very important to properly select the steel for the connecting sleeve and optimize its geometry and manufacturing process. The connecting sleeve is connected with two or more drill rods or tail drill rods on the same axis by its thread, and transmits the impact function of the rock drill to achieve the purpose of drilling the rock hole, and acts as a stress wave propagation carrier as the drill rod. .


Semi-bridge coupling, by far is the most popular, has a small non-threaded bridge in the centre. The drill rod cannot thread past the centre of the couplings, and the smaller diameter rods portions butt together in the centre bridge area of the coupling. Semi-bridge couplings are most suited to high torque machines. Most rope (R) and Trapezoidal (T) threaded couplings are semi-bridged.


Full bridge coupling has a great advantage that it positively eliminates the potential for the coupling to creep along the threaded joints. These couplings, are typically used in a Trapezoidal thread, in surface drilling application, have better uncoupling characteristics and tend to maintain tighter joints. Full-bridge couplings have less chance of jamming and are best suited to machines equipped with independent rotation.


Coupling Sleeves


Code No. Model Length(mm) Out. Dia.(mm) Thread Type
SB-R25-R32-L140-D33 R25 series 140 33 R25-R32 Semi-bridge
SB-R25-R25-L150-D35 R25 series 150 35 R25-R25 Semi-bridge
SB-R25-R25-L160-D35 R25 series 160 35 R25-R25 Semi-bridge
SB-R25-R25-L160-D38 R25 series 160 38 R25-R25 Semi-bridge
SB-R25-R28-L160-D54 R25 series 160 54 R25-R28 Semi-bridge
SB-R25-R32-L150-D45 R25 series 150 45 R25-R32 Semi-bridge
SB-R25-R32-L160-D45 R25 series 160 45 R25-R32 Semi-bridge
SB-R25-T38-L170-D55 R25 series 170 55 R25-T38 Semi-bridge
SB-R28-R28-L150-D40 R28 series 150 40 R28-R28 Semi-bridge
SB-R28-R32-L150-D45 R28 series 150 45 R28-R32 Semi-bridge
SB-R28-R32-L160-D45 R28 series 160 45 R28-R32 Semi-bridge
FB-R32-R32-L150-D44 R32 series 150 44 R32-R32 Full-bridge
FB-R32-R32-L150-D45 R32 series 150 45 R32-R32 Full-bridge
FB-R32-R32-L160-D44 R32 series 160 44 R32-R32 Full-bridge
FB-R32-R32-L160-D45 R32 series 160 45 R32-R32 Full-bridge
SB-R32-R32-L150-D44 R32 series 150 44 R32-R32 Semi-bridge
SB-R32-R32-L150-D45 R32 series 150 45 R32-R32 Semi-bridge
SB-R32-R32-L160-D44 R32 series 160 44 R32-R32 Semi-bridge
SB-R32-R32-L160-D45 R32 series 160 45 R32-R32 Semi-bridge
SB-R32-R32-L170-D44 R32 series 170 44 R32-R32 Semi-bridge
SB-R32-R32-L170-D45 R32 series 170 45 R32-R32 Semi-bridge
SB-R32-R38-L170-D54 R32 series 170 54 R32-R38 Semi-bridge
SB-R32-R38-L170-D56 R32 series 170 56 R32-R38 Semi-bridge
SB-R32-R38-L177-D54 R32 series 177 54 R32-R38 Semi-bridge
SB-R32-R38-L177-D56 R32 series 177 56 R32-R38 Semi-bridge
SB-R32-R38-L180-D54 R32 series 180 54 R32-R38 Semi-bridge
SB-R32-R38-L180-D56 R32 series 180 56 R32-R38 Semi-bridge
SB-R32-T38-L170-D55 R32 series 170 55 R32-T38 Semi-bridge
SB-R32-T38-L170-D58 R32 series 170 58 R32-T38 Semi-bridge
SB-R32-T38-L180-D55 R32 series 180 55 R32-T38 Semi-bridge
SB-R32-T38-L180-D58 R32 series 180 58 R32-T38 Semi-bridge
SB-R32-T38-L177-D58 R32 series 177 58 R32-T38 Semi-bridge
SB-R32-T45-L190-D63 R32 series 190 63 R32-T45 Semi-bridge
SB-R38-R38-L170-D55 R38 series 170 55 R38-R38 Semi-bridge
SB-R38-R38-L170-D58 R38 series 170 58 R38-R38 Semi-bridge
SB-R38-R38-L170-D63 R38 series 170 63 R38-R38 Semi-bridge
SB-R38-R38-L180-D55 R38 series 180 55 R38-R38 Semi-bridge
SB-R38-R38-L180-D57 R38 series 180 57 R38-R38 Semi-bridge
SB-R38-R38-L180-D58 R38 series 180 58 R38-R38 Semi-bridge
SB-R38-R38-L190-D55 R38 series 190 55 R38-R38 Semi-bridge
SB-R38-R38-L190-D58 R38 series 190 58 R38-R38 Semi-bridge
SB-R38-T38-L180-D55 R38 series 180 55 R38-T38 Semi-bridge
SB-R38-T38-L180-D58 R38 series 180 58 R38-T38 Semi-bridge
SB-R38-T38-L185-D55 R38 series 185 55 R38-T38 Semi-bridge
SB-R38-T38-L185-D58 R38 series 185 58 R38-T38 Semi-bridge
SB-R38-T38-L190-D55 R38 series 190 55 R38-T38 Semi-bridge
SB-R38-T38-L190-D58 R38 series 190 58 R38-T38 Semi-bridge
SB-T38-T38-L180-D55 T38 series 180 55 T38-T38 Semi-bridge
SB-T38-T38-L180-D58 T38 series 180 58 T38-T38 Semi-bridge
SB-T38-T38-L190-D55 T38 series 190 55 T38-T38 Semi-bridge
SB-T38-T38-L190-D58 T38 series 190 58 T38-T38 Semi-bridge
SB-T38-T45-L190-D64 T38 series 190 64 T38-T45 Semi-bridge
SB-T38-T45-L210-D62 T38 series 210 62 T38-T45 Semi-bridge
SB-T38-T45-L210-D64 T38 series 210 64 T38-T45 Semi-bridge
SB-T45-T45-L200-D64 T45 series 200 64 T45-T45 Semi-bridge
SB-T45-T45-L210-D64 T45 series 210 64 T45-T45 Semi-bridge
SB-T45-T45-L210-D66 T45 series 210 66 T45-T45 Semi-bridge
SB-T45-T45-L210-D68 T45 series 210 68 T45-T45 Semi-bridge
SB-T45-T51-L230-D71 T45 series 230 71 T45-T51 Semi-bridge
SB-T45-T51-L230-D72 T45 series 230 72 T45-T51 Semi-bridge
SB-T51-T51-L225-D71 T51 series 225 71 T51-T51 Semi-bridge
SB-T51-T51-L235-D71 T51 series 235 71 T51-T51 Semi-bridge
SB-T51-T51-L235-D72 T51 series 235 72 T51-T51 Semi-bridge
SB-T51-T51-L235-D76 T51 series 235 76 T51-T51 Semi-bridge
SB-T51-T51-L250-D76 T51 series 250 76 T51-T51 Semi-bridge


Drilling Tool Flexible Sleeve Coupling Semi Bridge / Full Bridge TypeDrilling Tool Flexible Sleeve Coupling Semi Bridge / Full Bridge Type

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